Road Accident Overview

Many personal injury claims now days happen in our society due to road accidents.

The liability of the road users is considered as the liability which falls under the law of torts, whereby the negligence in driving is judged by the standard of reasonable care, as the liability for the accident comes after the failure to exercise reasonable care by another person.

A driver must not assume that another driver will be sensible and careful in all circumstances. In a clear case, there will often have been a charge of driving without due care and negligence. Going out of control, leaving the carriageway or crossing to the wrong side of the road, colliding with a stationary and visible obstacles are all good examples of driving which will give rise to an inference of negligence.

The characteristics for the application of inference are:

1. The thing which caused the accident was under the control or management of the defendant.

2. In an ordinary manner, the vehicle which caused the accident does not happen without negligence.

3. No reasons given for the accident leads to the negligence.

However, the breach of the law does not necessarily mean or renders automatically negligent. If the speed is slightly over the speed limit specified by law, it will make no difference to the outcome if another driver appears on the wrong side of the road. Always the test of the standard of care that the law has applied is of that of the reasonable, careful and prudent driver would have done in the same circumstances.

Usually, If the police attend an accident their duty is to compile a report which is available, after any criminal proceedings have been concluded, for a fee. It is thus, essential for you to have a copy of the report in every case where there is one.

When a car accident or any personal injury is caused by the other party’s negligence, those who will be eligible for compensation are those which have been injured. However, as the law acts based on evidence and prove, it can be quite complicated and hard to understand the process of law pertaining to car accidents.

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You should know that:

Laws may vary from state to state and road accident compensations are determined on a case-by-case basis. This is why it is important to have your car accident lawyer in Miami FL to assist you in filing a lawsuit.